Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life: Re-Painting The Town Red

Disclaimer: The person or persons discussed in this entry are people with whom I have no ill will towards. This blog is purposed to uplift God as well as inspire and challenge those who will read it. Any negative feedback in regards to these people will be promptly refuted and defended by the word of Proverbs 10:12. 

Preface: This monologue is an excerpt from the animated drama, Clannad. To better grasp the message, please watch the following video up to the 35 second marker. Thanks!

In sharing this with you, I would like to pose a question: are there moments in your life that you wish that you could turn a blind eye to or sweep under the rug...memories that make it hard to move past the past? To those of you who say 'no', our journey down this particular road stops here. However, all of those who say 'yes', I ask another question: do you believe it's just the bad memories that make progress difficult? For those on the fence, allow me to challenge your thinking.
Up until recently, I have been dealing with the changes in a relationship that I hold close to my heart. After reconnecting with my ex-girlfriend, whom I broke up with almost a year ago, I found myself rediscovering my feelings for her. At the same time, because I so desired to be successful in this endeavor, I decided to, when asked, choose a different route to arrive at the same destination. In spite of that, she had decided to pursue another whom she had invested time in. Despite offers of friendship from her and the new beau, it quickly became clear to me that such offers were of little consolation.
Now, because she and I experienced many of the same things together during our 8 1/2 months together, certain things have now become a hardship for me; as I live my daily life, there are places that I don't go, people with whom I no longer associate and topics in discussion that I have evaded. Those things, however, aren't all fact, most of them are places where she and I had the most fun as a couple...first date spots, random shops and stores, the whole nine yards. However, it makes it hard to know that those days, along with the person who I lived those days with, have seemingly withdrawn from my life.
However, last night, I spoke to a close friend of mine when discussing this dilemma and a new idea was presented to me: to make new memories in those old places.
In 2 Corinthians 5: 17 (KJV),  Paul says 'Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new!' Now, it could be said that this has little relevance because Paul spoke to a church in Corinth in the mid-50's CE (i.e. a loooooooong time ago!), but I want to give this old wisdom new context. I ask you a third question: do you want your healing? In the midst of our busy day, all it takes is some time to humble yourself and speak to Him with your whole heart and ask for that change, for a new joy. I know that it's hard to let go of those old memories and really put this into practice, but if you open yourself to being a new person in Christ daily, you'll find yourself able to confront those old things, people and situations a new person.

At the end of this, I would like to leave you with a song. As a part of a praise and worship team, many songs have ministered to me, but this song speaks to my heart. I want to encourage you to live because you want your healing. Don't do it just to spite others or out of any backbiting inkling you have. Even if you bump into old things, confront them with new love. With God abiding in you, you will influence them and not the other way around.

With Love,
Steven Ray

Monday, July 18, 2011

Three Fold Cord

Though her voice calls out to me and every syllable
 passing her lips to my ears is honey
& caramel sweet…
…this not why I write.

Despite the fact that her beautiful green & brown eyes invite
My mind to a place where words I speak are lost and my
 tongue is so easily tied…
…this is only how it began.

When my hopes transcend my reality and
I can envision no one else in the place which
She has stolen away in my heart…
…I can begin to pen these words,
Words which I thought were lost to me
Once before.

Although the Lord may provide me the air I breathe,
She is the sweet aroma that dances upon the breezes
That respire me.

In times where the world’s troubles and confusion chip
Away at me like a bitter cold in the bleakest of winters,
The Lord is my light and my salvation like the suns of Spring,
But she is the warmth that reaches deep into my spirit,
 returning me to the light.

A rib to complete mine own,
A source of wisdom where I may not see,
A spring of compassion in times of fear and foolishness,
A heart and mind that I value just as much as her body,
And a friend that I will always treasure,
These words of love that I thought were lost
Were refined and hidden by God,
 reserved for her and her alone.

Though I could go on about the hopes, dreams,
Plans and adventures that I hope for every day,
In the end, my only true wish is that this girl,
This person who has seen through me
When I thought my farce was complete,
This person who gracefully bypassed my
Every inner defense,
This person who is God-authored
and much more than I could have ever imagined…

…my only wish is that every time she looked at me,
She could feel the same way I feel every time I look
In her direction.

Remember…that even though I may not be able
To recite these feelings to you every time I look at you,
There is a phrase that sums up all of these feelings and more.

I love you.


First off, a good day to you, my reader! I hope that this posting finds you in good spirits. After searching the Internet for a way to personally contribute to the world within the Internet, I've finally arrived at blogging, a form of e-journaling that chronicles the thoughts and lives of the authors. Although not as convenient or as simplistic as Facebook or Twitter, I believe that with a little work, this could be something I could learn to appreciate.

The title of my blog, 365/2 Days, is inspired by you, the reader. While I could post my ramblings upon any series of media that I choose, it would be an incomplete effort if these posts never reached the hearts of those who read it. If I can be an inspiration to those who read to enrich the lives of those they meet, then that, in itself, would bring me satisfaction. Simply, my friend, complete this blog.

This blog, one of three that I am launching, is meant specifically for my artistic expression, so I will be posting my original poetry and musical efforts here for you!

Now, the time is 5:31pm and I need to shower and be at work by 6, so for now, I will post the first of many pieces to come, so please enjoy!